Hi, I'm Daniel.

About Me

I bring 8 years of experience in full-stack development, with a strong emphasis on backend projects. During my time at Lyft, I had the opportunity to work on a high throughput system with Python, a language I have come to truly appreciate. Additionally, my tenure at Microsoft involved handling massive amounts of data, collaborating seamlessly across multiple orgs for a collective goal, and supporting a full-stack system for tens of thousands of users.

My previous experience with startups taught me the value of effective communication and problem-solving, which I believe are essential qualities for success in any role.

Outside of work, I'm a hobby-hacker and interested in the progress with AI/ML. If I wasn’t in tech, I’d be working with cars or in sports.

I volunteer with Lucky Pup Rescue, an animal rescue group run on volunteers and donations, and formerly mentored new developers through SC Codes. Consider donating if you are able to.

My Resume